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I have a bad news today..

I'm not able study abroad next year...
The only way to graduate from this University now is to go abroad for half an year on my senior year!!

However, there is always a bright side to every bad news!!!
The bright side of this bad news is that I could get almost all credits I need on my Junior year, and just have a good time hanging out at Taiwan once I'm able to study abroad.
On top of that, I will have more time to work on my English Communication school that I'm trying to start. 

Soooo, my goal is to save up as much money as possible until I go to Taiwan in my senior year, so I would be able to party at Taiwan!! lol


Well until then, I would have to boost my studying game!!!!
Try to rise my GPA till next year's June!!!
Oh, and finish up all my video games that I have piled up for my PS3, and play a lot of Monster Hunter World for PS4 once it comes out!! lol

God damn, I need to focus more on studying! lol


To be honest, I'm starting to enjoy studying, more than I did in High School at least. 
During High School, I never studied for any test except for some subjects that I really did not understand at all (history, and gov)

But now, I am enjoying studing economics, gov., and Chinese. lol
IDK why I started to enjoy it as much I do now lol
I never predicted that I would enjoy studing in the future lol


Well I guess that is how people grows up lol
I'm still in to video games tho lol

Kind of like my bad habbit, but one of the only way to get rid of my stress lol
Video games are expencive but great way to get rid of my stress!!
Like I don't understand why many people tells others that video games are waste of time..
well it is.... but still, people cannot do anything while stressed!!
People who says that it is a waste of time just sucks at it and get stressed from seeing the game over screen over and over again!!(this actually happens to me a lot...)
I just quite the game before the game starts to give me stress and go to another activity to release my stress lol

Haters be haters, but ya DONT JUDGE!!!! lol

well thats all for today!!