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Been a while huh...

I haven't wrote any English blog in a while now... (Bet no ones reading these tho lol)


Its October 23rd now!! 

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Its almost Halloween!!! (not that I'm doing anything on Halloween tho...)


I love this season! The weather is not too hot nor too cold, ITS AMAZING!!! 

Plus, it's Halloween season, I'm in a spooky mood these day lol
I've been listening to "This is Halloween", and "Ghost Busters" over and over again! lol


But ya, Japan dosen't have any Halloween spirts,,,
kinda depressing since I grew up in a place where everyone is excited for Halloween 

Well the least I can do is to watch some horror films from Netflix lol
Oh, and I would also like to buy myself IT by Stephan King as a Halloween gift for myself (who buys themselves a Halloween gift?? I'm just making up an excuse to buy myself something lol)


If you readers(if there's any) haven't notice yet, I am a weird person lol

Like writing an English blog in a Japanese blogging site is weird already lol
Oh, and I love putting lol in almost every sentence cause I am a happy person!!! DONT JUDGE!!!!! lol


Well anyways, I'm taking the TOFEL IBT test in a week, and I haven't studied for it at all.....
I really have to work on that cause my English level never had been that great... 

Compared to a person who grew up in Japan, sure I might be a little better than them, but compared to a person who spent most of my life in America,,, I suck... 
Like I bet I have some misspelled word in this post that I do not realize lol
Hahaha, I just noticed how I misspelled TOEFL lol (not going to fix that to prove my point lol)


This blog is getting off topic lol
Or maybe not cause this post is all about how I've been doing lol 

As long as I talk about my life, I am not off topic (right?)


Well my life is good I guess 
quitted my part time job at a bowling alley to focus on making my own English Communication class (which I am excited to start)

My class will be all about building up confidence and being able to talk in English freely, helping them create international friends, and partnerships in the future. 
Japanese people studies English very hard, but they lack confidence to use it, so they do not improve on the communication side of this language. 
Most people are already great on grammars (better than I am)


Well ya Ima try to keep this English blog updated as much as possible for my own English goodness lol 
Well seeya!!!! (not that anyones reading)