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Summer vacation part two!!


So, ya the second half on my second half of my summer vacation I tried to focus a lot more on relaxing then doing anything.

  At first, I took a break from my work, except for my cram school work because I took too many breaks in May that my boss forced me to work weekly. 

  The days I was not working, I basically stayed home working on my PS3 games that I got piled up and not even played it. I was mainly working on GTA5, Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5, and a little bit of Kingdom Hearts 1.5. I did not complete any of these games except for Metal Gear 4 (why else would I even think of starting 5??)

   I also tried to focus on studying Chinese. I'm studying Chienes because I am planning to go to Taiwan for a year to study abroad. I am very excited to study abroad, but am falling behind on my GPA.... soooo IDK if the school will let me, but I am trying my best. 

   This half of my summer vacation was going perfect, all relaxed. However, I was bothered by my ex-girlfriend starting to ignore me. Like, we promised each other to keep in contact, but now she is ignoring all of my messages. Yes, IK, she is my ex-girlfriend and it is weird for us to be in contact.. Well ya... I really need to move on and get a better hobby lol
  So, ya my summer was half busy, half great and relaxing. I believe that I had a well balanced summer vacation. 
See you guys tomorrow!!!!
and wish me luck on my first day of classes!! lol