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2nd semester!!!


  Yes, I know, I haven’t posted any English blogs for a while now....

  I would like to say that I was too busy to write any blogs these days, but ya..... that would be a total lie😖

  Since I’m entering a new semester for college, why not try to start writing daily just to keep myself used to English grammar (not that I was ever good with English grammars...)


   Oookay, so ya, my summer vacation was good I guess...

  Some people might say that I wasted a lot of time doing basically nothing, but yes, I had fun wasting time!!! DON’T JUDGE!! 

  The first half of my summer vacation was a bit busy...

  I used my first week of my summer vacation attending band camp

  At first, I was all nervous about it because it was my first time attending it and spending the whole three days and nights with my band-mates. Luckily, I was able to get over that nervous-ness by practicing for hours and hours with them. During the camp, we basically practiced for about 10hours a day, and a 1hour break for each meal we had. We usually ended practice at 10 P.M. in order to sleep well for the next practice in the morning...

  The meal was good. Better than I excepted anyways. I excepted more of a vegetarian meals because the name of the place literally translates to “the house of nature”. Which was a bad image since I do not enjoy eating my vegitables because I’m a two years old child!! Dispite my unpleasant image, all of the meals was well balanced with meats, vegetables, and a bowl of rice. The visit there was very enjoyable and I would like to go again.

   My second week of summer was all about working. I was mainly working at night shift. This caused me to work during the night and sleep during the morning and the most of the afternoon. This week screwed up my whole sleeping schedule. There is really nothing to talk about this week.

   On the last week August, I went to Miyazaki for the regional brass band competition. This trip was great, personally. This was my first time actually going out of the prefecture with a bus! The competition itself went good. We were not able to move on to the nationals, but I believe I was able to performe my best, and it felt really good. A day after the competition, the bus took us around to see many shrines and temples in Miyazaki. It was soooooo beautiful, like no joke! Lol

   Well that was my summary of my first half of summer vacation! Tomorrow I’m going to write about my second half of it... 

see ya tomorrow!