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July 24th 2017 Brass Band

Okay, I haven`t written any English blogs for a while now...
I haven`t written much English blogs recently because I was, and am busy studying for the finals. 

I am having some trouble studying for my finals because I am taking too many classes. While picking out my classes for this semister, I totally forgot to think about the finals that I would have to take in the end. Therefore, I ended up trying to take as much classes as possible in order to have more time for myself during the 2nd semister. (yes, ik, sooooo dumb of me....) 

But in the brighter side, I am almost finished with this hellish semister!!!!! (WOOOOOOO!!!)
If I don`t fail any finals this semister, I would be able to relax during the 2nd semister. Would have more time to finish up all of my video games that I have stocked up, and study Chinese. (Got into studying Chinese these days.)

Well ya, I was not able to update this blog recently because I am busy with studying.


Anywoooo, I had a brass band prefecture contest this weekend.

I am a part of my university`s brass band, and we ended up winning Gold, and a promotion to go the regional contest next month!! 

Since I lack practice with the music, I would have to practice harder in order to perform the best I can at the regional contest... (wish me luck)

Soooo, I might be talking a lot about my band, and video games a lot for couple of months in this English blog..

Well ya, thats all for today!