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July 14th 2017


Today was very tiring...

First, I had to wake up in 8:00 to go to my 1st period (Chinese 2).

Since I slept very late yesterday, I had a difficult time trying to focus in class.

After class, I went Karaoke for 4 hours with my Taiwanese friend whoes visiting us from Taiwan. Near the end of the Karaoke, I felt dead inside cause ya, I was really tired. 

Since I have to be at school at 7AM tomorrow, I was planning to sleep at 10PM. However, it was my Chinese friend's birthday, I decided to sleep till 10PM and try to stay up until 7AM lol

Personally, I am not satisfied with my day today because I did not have any time to play any video games..... but at least I was able to hang out with all my freinds, and were able to study Chinese a little lol 

Well that was my day today lol